Public Service Innovation Challenge

In order to foster transformational innovation within the public service, innovative human resources and an enabling environment are imperative.

We the public service innovation team are hereby making strides in creating an enabling environment for all public servants. Therefore, this is a call for innovative thinkers to introduce their ideas in order to continue the transformation of the public service. We will build visibility for your solution and Provide a suitable environment for the development of your ideas.


Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize Winner will receive an award of 3 Million Naira

Second Prize Winner

Second Prize Winner will receive an award of 1.5 Million Naira.

Third Prize Winner

Third Prize Winner will receive an award of 1 Million Naira.

Consolation prizes

And Consolation prizes of N250,000

Judging criteria

Judging will be based on some of the following criteria

● Originality – How original is your idea? Does it exist in any other form in the public or private sectors?

● Value Creation – Refers to the net impact the idea makes on the public sector as a whole

● Feasibility – What is the possibility of your idea being done, affected or accomplished

● Value Capture – Checks the return of investment from the implementation of the idea

● Written Composition – How composed your plan is


This competition is open to Public Servants service wide. Officers and teams of officers with innovative ideas, models, tools, products, technology, services or hardware targeting the reduction or conservation of cost and increase of revenue can apply.

*Judges, members of the Public Service Innovation Team, their immediate families and people living in their households are not eligible to apply.


December 19

Announcement for the Competition

Announcement for the competition
December 19

Submission of ideas for the competition

Submission of ideas for the competition 19 Dec – 11 Jan 2022
December 19

Collation & Grouping of ideas

Collation & Grouping of ideas 19 Dec – 11th Jan 2023
January 30

Final Submission Deadline

Final Submission Deadline
February 1

Announcement of Shortlisted candidates Round one (1) of the Competition 

Presentation of solutions by teams
February 6

Webinar with the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation

Sensitization Webinar
February 9

1st round of Pitch

1st round of Pitch
February 13

2nd Round of Pitch

2nd round of Pitch
February 15

Final Applicant Presentation

Final Applicant Presentation
February 16

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony