Role of Innovation

The Nigerian Entertainment Industry has grown over the decades to a multi-billion dollar business. From its days of infancy in the 20th century, one would scarcely believe this not so fashionable profession would evolve into the industrial giant which it has become. Today Nollywood, Nigerian Music and other performing artistes from this Industry have become global brands with its attendant monstrous financial gains. Today, the ideal Nigerian youth would take up the chance to become a success in entertainment as against being a professional such as a doctor, engineer or banker.

The advent of reality television show has further boosted the attendant gains of this industry. Today, “ordinary persons” have become national and even international brands in so short a time frame that one may begin to tilt towards that aspect of entertainment as the new cool. Shows such as Maltina Dance Hall, Naija’s Got Talent, Dance with Peter and the more glamorous Big Brother franchise have produced stars who have in almost all the cases have gone on to grace the global stage after the reality show. This if not any other, portrays the huge role which this form of entertainment plays in harnessing and showing a talent to the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the attendant gains of reality television are not only enjoyed by the performers but even more glam and profit is generated by the sponsors and makers who always get the Lion’s Share of the gains. In summary, reality television in union with talent hunt is very much a virgin field in Nigerian entertainment and the time to harness the gains of that industry is now.