OHCSF has four (4) Parastatals which are:

1. The Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON)

2. Public Service Institute of Nigeria (PSIN)

3. Federal Training Centres (FTCs)

The Federal Training Centres (FTCs) are among the Training Institutions under the Manpower Development Office (MDO) of the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation in the Presidency. The concept evolved as a pragmatic response to the need to indigenize Nigeria's Public Service on the country's attainment of Independence. FTCs Lagos and Kaduna pre-date Nigeria’s Independence. They were established in 1957 and 1959 respectively.


Our objectives are:

        I.            The Federal Training Centres were established to cater for the Junior and Intermediate manpower needs of the Public Service generally in the secretarial, reportorial, clerical, computer, administrative and executive fields.

      II.            To be Centres of excellence in the training of professionalism secretarial, administrative and executive officers for the Public Services.

    III.            To maintain its leading role in training junior and media level officers in the Public Services.



Federal Training Centres (FTC) Lagos;

Contact Address:

Ikoyi Road, Obalende

P.M.B. 12599, Marina - Lagos


Federal Training Centres (FTC) Kaduna;

Contact Address:

70 Isa Kaita Road

P.M.B. 2070, Kaduna


Federal Training Centres (FTC) Ilorin;

Contact Address:

Kulende Housing Estate, Ilorin


Federal Training Centres (FTC) Enugu;

Contact Address:

Emene Industrial Layout,

P.M.B. 01483, Enugu


Federal Training Centres (FTC) Maiduguri;

 Contact Address:

 Custom Area, Bama Road,

 P.M.B. 1594, Maiduguri


Federal Training Centres (FTC) Calabar

Contact Address:

17 Marian Road, Calabar



  • PDVR - Professional Diploma in Verbatim Reporting (4 Semesters)
  • HDPA - Higher Diploma in Public administration (4 Semesters)
  • DPA - Diploma in Public Administration (4 Semesters)
  • HDOTM - Higher diploma in Office Technology and Management (4 Semesters)
  • DOTM - Diploma in Office Technology and Management (4 Semesters)
  • DBAM - Diploma in Business Administration and Management (4 Semesters)
  • DCS - Diploma in Computer Science (4 Semesters)
  • CSGM - Certificate in Supervised General Management (2 Semesters)
  • CIT - Certificate in Information Technology (2 Semesters)


4. Federal Government Staff Housing Loans Board (FGSHLB)