The Common Services Office (CSO) is headed by a Federal Permanent Secretary. The office is responsible for the provision of amenities such as office and residential accommodation, recreational facilities, sporting facilities, transportation, telephone, water, other utilities and social amenities etc. for the entire Civil Service. It is also responsible for overall administration of activities that cut across the offices in the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation. It is structured into four Departments, each headed by a Director. The Departments are: Human Resources Management and Administration (HRMA); Planning, Analytics and Monitoring Department (PAM), Department of Finance and Accounts (DFA), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department and Procurement Department.

To be a World-Class service office, implementing Government’s policies and programmes for rapid and sustainable development.To provide timely, valuable and professional services for efficient and effective operations of the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation.


  • Management and maintenance of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) Secretariat;

  • Processing matters relating to appointment, promotion and discipline of staff of OHCSF; Dealing with matters relating to staff welfare and training.

  • Handling other establishment matters such as leave, staff records, nominal roll and secretariat of meeting of the OHCSF;

  • Controlling and coordinating internal administration issues in the OHCSF; Supporting and assisting in accelerating achievement of government policies that impinges on the general welfare needs of public servants;

  • Provides adequate security and parking arrangements at the Federal Secretariat Phases I, II, III and IV;

  • Ensure sporting and leisure activities among civil servant through the effective supervision of Federal Civil Service Clubs and the Federation of Public Services Games;

  • Ensuring the coordinating of the activities of the facility managers who have been entrusted with the maintenance of Federal Secretariat Complex;

  • Providing office accommodation to Federal MDAs;

  • Processing of nominations of civil servants to be given National Honours for the consideration of the OHCSF;

  • Representing the OHCSF in Boards and Committees;

  • Serving as the Secretariat for Senior Staff Committee of the OHCSF;

  • Providing transparent and timely accounting services in the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, other government agencies and the general public;

  • Handling financial activities of the OHCSF;

  • Handling matters relating to the receipt and disbursement of funds in accordance with budgetary provision and in compliance with financial regulation and circulars;

  • Receipt and management of funds by way of quarterly warrant and AIEs from the Accountant-General of the Federation;

  • Collection of independent Revenue (taxes, fees, etc) arising from the activities of the OHCSF on behalf of the government.

  • Payment of bills, rates, salaries etc to contractors, staff and other creditors after due approval; Disbursement of funds to outstations offices through AIEs;

  • Maintenance of appropriate records and books of accounts;

  • Rendition of mandatory financial returns to the OAGF;

  • Computerization of all operations of the Offices and Departments in the OHCSF;

  • Provide advice on the computerization of the operations of MDAs in the Federal Civil Service

  • Maintenance of hardware and other ICT equipments in the OHCSF;

  • Provide information on the management and maintenance of hardware and other ICT equipments of MDAs in the Federal Civil Service;

  • Producing annual plan of activities and programmes in the OHCSF before the end of the first quarter of each year;

  • Publishing annually the report of any research into the operations and management of the OHCSF;

  • Monitoring and evaluation of plan implementation in the OHCSF;

  • Provides Secretariat for service to the Ministerial Tenders Board;

  • Research into internal organization and operational modalities of the OHCSF;

  • Preparation of Annual Progress Report and publish the Quarterly and manpower statistics of the Federal Civil Service;

  • Setting and monitoring of performance and efficiency targets for the various sub-divisions and staff of the office

  • Researching into sectors over which the Office has jurisdiction;

  • Coordinates the meeting of Directors of Planning, Research & Statistics service-wide;

  • Provision of library services of the Offices;

  • Setting and maintaining network backbone-linking all offices in the OHCSF on the LAN and the Website, including internet connectivity and e-mail;

  • Provide advice on setting and maintaining network backbone-linking all MDAs in the Federal Civil Service on the LAN and the website, including internet connectivity and e-mail; and

  • Provide operational database on Management of Human Resources as well as capturing the accurate financial expenditure of the entire Public Service.

  • Planning of all procurement;

  • Ensuring due process in the procurement of goods and services and the awards of contracts in the OHCSF;

  • Liaison with the BPP, the Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit (BMPIU) of the Presidency;

  • Procurement Planning Committee (PPC) Meetings and Secretariat to PPC and OHCSF Tenders Board;

  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance;

  • Procurement of goods/services >NGN5million;

  • Maintenance of register of suppliers / contractors for the OHCSF and periodically updated price database as may be provided by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP);

  • Contract administration and sign-off for contractor payment;

  • Ensuring value-for-money;

  • Supplier quality assurance;

Key Expectations
Provide assurance on the efficient and effective use of OHCSF resources in the areas of finance, human resources, office management and general administration, ICT and procurement.

Key Programmes & Systems we Deliver


  • OHCSF Procurement & Administrative Support;

  • OHCSF Planning Analytics & Monitoring;

  • OHCSF Finance & Accounts; and

  • OHCSF ICT support.