Procurement Department is one of the Departments under the Common Service Office (CSO). The Department is mandated to facilitate the processes involved in the provision of goods, works and services as enshrined in the Public Procurement Act, 2007, and other government regulations. The department serves all the offices and departments in the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation. It has two (2) Divisions viz: Capital and Recurrent. The Secretariat of the Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB) and the Procurement Planning Committee are based in the Capital Division. The Capital Division is responsible for processing contract awards for capital projects, programmes and services above the approval thresholds of the Permanent Secretary/Accounting Officer while, Recurrent deals with contracts within the approval limit of the Permanent Secretary/Accounting Officer.


The Department is saddled with the responsibility to provide effective secretariat for the Ministerial Tenders Board, keep accurate record of tender documents, provide intelligence information and promote compliance with guidelines and procedures for contracts award as laid down in the Public Procurement Act, 2007, government regulations and extant circulars. It is also mandated to ensure that competent and effective contractors handle the contracts and promote judicious use of government funds.

Other functions of the department include:-

  • to assemble and collate briefs on contracts award from various departments;
  • to spell out the requirements for acceptance of bids and to prepare tender notices for publication;
  • to receive bid documents from contractors;
  • to examine bid documents and ensure that they conform with the conditions stipulated in the Public Procurement Act,2007;
  • to evaluate bids using routine market survey price list and BPP market price list;
  • to keep the minutes of Ministerial Tenders Board meetings;
  • to forward the approvals of the Ministerial Tenders Board to the Head of Civil Service of the Federation for ratification;
  • to inform successful bidders of awards made to them;
  • to develop policy guidelines on the award of contracts;
  • to collate statistical information on tenders and award of contracts for use in planning and research.